The Company is actively involved in social and charitable projects.

The priority areas are as follows:

  • Promotion of the activities in the field of education, science, culture, art and spiritual development of the individual.
  • Contribution to the activities in the field of physical culture and sports, preventative care and protection of public health, as well as the promotion of healthy lifestyles.
  • Social support and protection of citizens, including categories of people who, due to their physical or intellectual characteristics, or other circumstances, have restricted abilities, by providing them with opportunities to improve their situation on an ongoing basis by acquiring additional skills, etc.
  • Promotion of the idea of charity and mercy in society, introduction of charity as a corporate value and development of a system of private donations from employees.
  • Support for activities aimed at protecting motherhood, childhood and fatherhood, strengthening the prestige and role of the family in society.
  • Assistance to organizations, groups and services that ensure security and stability in society, that eliminate the consequences of natural disasters, environmental, industrial or other disasters, and conflicts.
  • Promotion of the activities in the field of patriotic education and development of an active and responsible civic stance among young people, identification and support of talented young people. Support for socially significant youth initiatives, projects, children’s and youth movements, children’s and youth organizations.
  • Improvement of the social and ecological situation, formation of a worldview based on a careful and responsible attitude towards nature.

Charity activities are carried out by the Company independently and through charitable foundations. Assistance is provided by granting monetary and material resources, as well as services.


KuibyshevAzot is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Koleso Theatre and provides it with annual financing, aimed primarily at updating of the theatre’s repertoire — staging premiere performances that are very popular among the citizens.

The Company is a long-standing partner of the Togliatti Local History Museum of, providing financial assistance and technical expertise in creating exhibitions and organizing local natural history quizzes for schoolchildren.

KuibyshevAzot cooperates with preschool, educational and medical institutions, orphanages and boarding schools in order to improve the material and technical base of organizations, to hold joint activities and implement programs.

The higher and secondary vocational educational institutions that are supported in upgrading their facilities include Samara State Technical University, Samara State University, Togliatti State University, and Togliatti Chemical Technology College.

In the area of physical culture and sports, one of the main programs of KuibyshevAzot PJSC is the development of yachting. The Company provides full-scale support for one of the largest yacht clubs in Russia — the “Druzhba” club, which also has a children’s and youth sailing school. The Company finances travels of teams to competitions, work of coaches, and provides equipment for the training process. Special safe harbors have been built to train young sportsmen. The yacht club’s members include champions of Russia, Europe and the world. Annually the yacht-club holds from 10 to 20 competitions of various categories – city, regional and national, competitions for adults, young people and children.

KuibyshevAzot is one of the main sponsors of the many-time champion of Russia — Mega-Lada Speedway Club, Togliatti fitness aerobics team and synchronous figure skating team, medalists of the world-class championships of 2017. The Company finances Rural Games, children's regional competitions attended by almost 3 thousand students from small towns and settlements.

Since 2012, the Company has been implementing projects to improve urban areas and develop street sports activities, by financing the work of professional trainers at several city sites, purchasing equipment, holding competitions, building sports areas and courts, enabling children to play sports free of charge.

KuibyshevAzot is one of the permanent partners of the “iVolga” Youth Forum of the Volga Federal District, organized to create conditions for the self-realization of youth, to encourage the project activities, to promote innovative ideas, and to identify and support talented young people. To support talented young people, the Company finances scholarships named in honor of the first general director of the factory — Ivan Andreevich Krasyuk — for successful students in specialties related to chemistry and ecology, as well as for schoolchildren who showed the best results in chemistry Academic Olympics.

To involve personnel in charitable activities and to introduce charity as a corporate value, since 2006 the Company has been implementing a project to develop private donations, within the framework of which employees voluntarily transfer personal funds to finance charitable actions chosen by them. The number of program participants and the amount of funds collected grows continuously.