One of the main elements of the development strategy of KuibyshevAzot PJSC is preservation and protection of the environment, reduction of the man-made impact and resource consumption. The Company conducts continuous comprehensive work in accordance with the goals defined by the “Policy of “KuibyshevAzot PJSC” in the field of quality, ecology, labor protection and industrial safety”. For this purpose, the Company introduces low-waste, energy- and resource-saving technologies, improves equipment and reconstructs existing production facilities. Each project of the enterprise at all stages, from development to implementation, is carried out taking into account the environmental component.

In its activities, KuibyshevAzot adheres to the principles of transparency to the public, seeks to disclose reports on its environmental impact fully and reliably.

All main production facilities have local sewage treatment facilities, including those with a closed return cycle.

One of the important areas is efficient use of raw materials and handling of production wastes. The Company implements measures aimed at recycling waste in the production process or maximizing separation of useful components for further use. The enterprise sells annually 30–40 thousand tons of products derived from production wastes.

Much attention is given to energy efficiency improvement. To this end, the Company implements a resource-saving program aimed at reduction of heat and electricity consumption and use of waste energy.

The monitoring of compliance with environmental safety requirements and production control is conducted on a constant basis. Every year, the sanitary laboratory of KuibyshevAzot PJSC performs about 20-30 thousand analyzes of the composition of emissions, air quality and wastewater of various categories.

Through a systematic approach to environmental protection, for the period 2007-2017 with the growth of commercial products volume by 1.4 times, the specific formation of effluents per ton of commercial output has decreased by 1.4 times, water and electricity consumption by 1.5 times, heat energy by 1.3 times.

KuibyshevAzot implements environmental charity projects, such as releasing starlet fry to the Saratov reservoir, restoring Togliatti forest burnt during a fire, cleaning urban areas, removing unauthorized dumps. Employees and members of their families participate in all environmental activities of the Company.