Nitrogen solution (N:S)

UAN with Sulphur content

Liquid nitrogen fertilizer is a mixture of liquid nitrogen (UAN) and an aqueous solution of ammonium sulfate. This is a new generation of liquid, sulfur-containing fertilizers of prolonged action, combining three forms of nitrogen and sulfur in its composition. The nitrogen content is 26%, sulfur - 2%.

Liquid nitrogen fertilizer (N: S) practically does not contain free ammonia, which excludes nitrogen losses during loading, transportation, storage and application to the soil.

Considering that the fertilization is produced by an industrial method, there is no stratification of components and precipitation.


Liquid nitrogen fertilizer (N: S) is created to ensure normal nutrition and development of crops with a high demand for sulfur: cereals, rapeseed, soybeans, sunflowers, annual and perennial grasses, sugar beets, corn and others. Sulfur significantly affects the quality of the crop, increasing the protein content in grain, oil in soybean and rapeseed, sugar in beets, increases the vitality of plants and their resistance to diseases, improves the absorption of phosphorus from the soil. The fertilizer is ideal for use as part of a tank mixture together with plant protection products, trace elements and other additives.


The name of indicators brand 26 : 2
Appearance liquid from light brown to dark brown
Nitrogen, % wt 26 ± 1
Ammonium nitrogen, % wt Min. 6,5 
Nitrate nitrogen, % wt Min. 7,5 
Sulphur, % wt 2,0 ± 0,5
Density @ 20 ºC, g/cm3 1,230 - 1,310
рН Min. 7
Freeze point, ºC -14


Non-flammable, non-explosive liquid. 


In carbon or alloy steel reservoirs with tightly closed hatches.


Delivery is carried out in bulk by all types of transport, except for air, in accordance with the rules for carriage of goods in force for this type of transport.

Shelf life

6 months from the date of manufacture. 

Agrochemical shelf life. Not limited.