Nylon 6 Textile Yarn

Polyamide-6 (Nylon-6) textile filament is used for the production of synthetic and mixed fabrics, knitwear and hosiery, elastic bands, etc.

PA-6 textile filaments (PA-6 TF) in a wide range are manufactured at two production sites of the KuibyshevAzot Group:

• LLC Kurskhimvolokno (KHV, Kursk region, Kursk).

• PJSC KuibyshevAzot, workshop 76 (Tula region, Schekino).

Kurskhimvolokno LLC has been producing polyamide filaments since 1964. Since 2007, it has been part of the KuibyshevAzot Group. As of today, a complete technical re-equipment and modernization of the equipment at this production site has been carried out.

KuibyshevAzot PJSC started production of Polyamide-6 chips, industrial filament (IF) and tire cord fabric (TCF) in Togliatti in 2003. In 2013, industrial and textile filament production facilities in Schekino, Tula region were acquired. Polyamide-6 chips are used as a raw material for the production of filaments and delivered from Togliatti to Kursk and Schekino filament facilities.


KuibyshevAzot Group produces a wide range of PA-6 TF that includes:

- Partially oriented yarn (POY).

This is a semi-finished product used for the production of textured or fully drawn yarn.

- Fully drawn yarn (FDY)

This type of yarn is used for the production of textile fabrics and ribbons, special purposes fabrics, ribbons and slings, textile and haberdashery products, as well as consumer goods. The yarn can be produced smooth and twisted, semi-dull and bright.

- Drawn textured yarn (DTY).

This yarn finds its application in the production of pantyhose and hosiery, knitted fabrics, elastic bands for seamless clothes and underwear and medical elastic bandages, as well as the production of composite yarns using elastomeric (Spandex), cotton and latex yarns. The yarn can be produced in a non-dyed and dyed form, single and 2-ply.

- Air covered yarn (ACY).

This is one of the types of composite yarns which consist of 90-92% of a polyamide textured yarn and 8-10% of a polyurethane elastomeric yarn (spandex). The area of its application is the production of hosiery and knitwear. The yarn can be produced in a non-dyed and dyed form, as well as in various combinations of linear density of the polyurethane “core” and the number of textured yarns.

- Staple fiber.

This product is used for manufacturing the mixed fabrics (including those with wool), non-woven fabrics and reinforcing materials, carpet products.


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