Urea CO(NH2)2

Urea is the most concentrated solid nitrogen fertilizer available (46 percent N), and has become the world’s major source of nitrogen. Production form — prills.


Appearance white prill
Nitrogen content (N), wt %, min 46,2
Biuret content, %, max 1
Moisture content (determined by Fischer method), wt %, max 0,5
Friability, %, min 100
Granulometry, %  
1 to 4 mm 94
2 to 4 mm 70
less than 1 mm 3
more than 6 mm none
Static strength: Notless than, kgs 0,7


Urea is produced with anti-caking agent.


Urea is a non-combustible, fire and explosion proof substance.

Safety Data Sheet


Bulk, bags (50 kg). 


Dry closed storage.


By all transport facilities, except air transport, in compliance with goods transportation regulations applied to this type of transport means.

Shelf life

6 months from the date of production.

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