Caprolactam C5H10CONH

Caprolactam is a monomer used for the production of polyamides. Caprolactam is produced in crystalline (solid flakes) and liquid (molten) form.


Permanganate index, max 4
Colour of 50 % caprolactam water solution, deg. Hazen, max 3,0
Volatile bases content, mmol/kg, max 0,4
Solidification point, oC , min 68,8
Iron content, by weight, %, max 0,00002
Cyclohexanonoxime content, by weight, %, max 0,002
Optical density of 50% caprolactam solution, max 0,04
Acidity, mmol/kg , max 0,05
Alkalinity, mmol/kg , max 0,1
pH 20%-ного водного раствора 6,7-8,5
pH of 20% water solution 0,07


Safety Data Sheet


Crystalline caprolactam: polyethylene bags of 25 kg.


The flaked caprolactam is stored in closed rooms.

Liquid caprolactam is kept in tanks under a N 2 atmosphere.


Crystalline caprolactam: covered rail cars, high capacity containers or covered road trucks.

Liquid caprolactam: in thermally insulated heatable rail tank cars.

Shelf life

Crystalline caprolactam: 6 months from the date of production.

Liquid caprolactam: 15 days from the date of production.