Anhydrous ammonia is a product of synthesis. It used for production of nitric acid and fertilizer production (ammonium nitrate, urea, MAP, etc.); in organic synthesis; as a coolant, in medicine, as a solvent for an essential category of nitrogen containing compounds; in agriculture as a nitrogen fertilizer.
Based on application 2 grades of ammonia are available: A and Ak.


Ammonia content, by weight, %, min 99,9 99,6
Nitrogen content, by weight, %, min 82
Water content, by weight, (evaporation residue), % 0,2-0,4
Water content, by weight, by Fisher, %, max 0,1
Oil concentration, by weight, mg/dm3, max 2 2
Iron concentration, by weight, mg/dm3, max 1 1
Total chlorine content, by weight, m-1(mg/kg), max 0,5
Carbon monoxide content, by weight, m-1 (mg/kg), max 40


Safety Data Sheet


Anhydrous ammonia is shipped in special ammonia rail tank cars.

Shelf life

1 year the date of production.