KuibyshevAzot Earned Recognition of the City Community


The charitable activities of the company were highly appreciated by the city community, which recognized KuibyshevAzot as the winner of the Philanthropist of the Year 2020 city contest, the results of which were announced during the mayor’s solemn reception devoted to the City Day. 

KuibyshevAzot’s charity has its own traditions. Year after year, the company works in almost all areas of charitable activities paying attention to all areas of life in the city and the Samara region, helping people and supporting a number of projects, supporting children in need, i.e., orphans, disabled people, and the elderly.

During the pandemic, the company has provided and continues to provide support to doctors and medical institutions of the city, understanding the importance of the situation and sharing responsibility for the life and health of people. 4 thousand protective suits, personal protective equipment, spare parts for ventilators, furniture, and equipment for COVID hospitals was passed to the hospitals of the city. The company arranged the transportation support for visits of doctors to patients. In addition, the city received funds for disinfection of urban areas. In conditions of self-isolation, when all educational institutions switched to distance education, the families of Togliatti in need were given computers for teaching schoolchildren. KuibyshevAzot provided hot meals for families with disabled children.

The company pays special attention to environmental projects, the implementation of which is under the supervision of regional authorities and public environmental organizations. Since 2012, KuibyshevAzot has been involved in restoration of the Togliatti forest, which was damaged by fire. 39 hectares of the forest are under the patronage of the company, where not only the young forest was planted, but the existing trees are also being looked after. Another 6 hectares of forest will be planted in 2021.

For many years, KuibyshevAzot has been supporting sailing, children’s creative and sports teams, art and local history museums, theaters, educational institutions, and has been engaged in improvement of urban areas. In 2020, KuibyshevAzot sponsored the competition for development of the architectural and urban planning concept for the city park of the Central District of Togliatti, the survey work, and making up of design estimates, and continues to work in this direction in the interests of the city and all residents of Togliatti.

- Charity helps all representatives of the city community, from big business and industrial enterprises to volunteers and just caring residents of our city, to interact. The past year has shown how important it is for all of us to stick together. It is when we can support the weak, help the needy by our common effort. The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly demonstrated to us that our society is able to withstand any disaster when we feel support for each other and move in the same direction. But it is important not to forget that we have our hometown, which needs improvement and creation of the comfortable environment. We also have a unique pine forest, which we will continue to restore. And, which is most important, we have people for whom our help and support is vital. Togliatti is able and must get even better. Its every resident deserves it, noted the General Director of KuibyshevAzot PJSC Alexander Gerasimenko.