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On June 23, 2015 in Togliatti (Samara region, Russia) Trammo AG and KuibyshevAzot JSC signed an agreement establishing the joint venture Granifert LLC for the production of granular ammonium sulfate.
24/06/2015 10:50:27

The shares of corporate participants in the authorized capital of the JV will constitute 50% from each side. The noted production will be located at the site of KuibyshevAzot JSC. The plant design capacity will be 140 tons/year. The estimated investment amount is more than 700 million rubles; the project implementation period is 2015-2017.

KuibyshevAzot is one of the leading producers of ammonium sulfate in the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe. In 2014 the output of the fertilizer constituted 450,000 tons, including the granular - 90,000 tons. In 2012, with the start of granular ammonium sulfate production, KuibyshevAzot became the first domestic enterprise that introduced this fertilizer to the market in the form that fully met the modern agricultural technology requirements. Its basic advantages are the improved physical and mechanical (increased hardness of granules, friability) and agrochemical properties (application homogeneity, the possibility to use as a fertilizer mixture component). This fertilizer is in good customers’ demand that is why the company is intending to increase its production.


Viktor I. Gerasimenko, the Board Chairman of KuibyshevAzot JSC:

“Competent policy of Regional Government that has created favorable conditions does help to attract the investors including big foreign companies. Implementation of the new project with Trammo will provide the agricultural producers with the advanced fertilizers and will also encourage the job creation during the period of the plant construction and operation”.


Information on the companies:


Trammo Group - is one of the world leaders in the trading of mineral fertilizers, ammonia and other chemicals, as well as condensed gas and coal. It has an experience of investment to the industrial and logistics assets in the countries of Northern America, Middle East and Asia. It is their first investment in Russia. The volume of deliveries for 2014 constituted 45.3 million tons for the amount of 12.4 billion dollars.


KuibyshevAzot JSC is one of the leading companies of the Russian chemical industry.

The company conducts its business in two areas:

- production of caprolactam and its derived products (PA-6, high tenacity yarns, cord fabric, engineering plastics);

- production of ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonium sulfate).

KuibyshevAzot JSC  takes a leading position in the production of caprolactam (190 tons/year), ammonium sulfate and polyamide (150 tons/year) in CIS countries and Eastern Europe and is the biggest producer of technical and textile yarns, cord fabrics, polyamide fabrics and fabrics mixed with PA in Russia. In 2014, ammonia fertilizers production constituted 1,320,000 tons. In 2014, the volume of sales amounted to 30.9 billion rubles.


Contacts for additional information:


Trammo AG

Trader-Product Manager

Commodities Division

Piotr Gruszecki

Tel. +41 58 451-1000

Fax +41 58 451 -1111

e-mail: piotr.gruszecki@trammo.com


KuibyshevAzot JSC

Head of Information Department
Elena U. Kosova
tel. +7(8482) 56-10-47, 56-11-47,
fax +7 (8482) 56-11-02
e-mail: KosovaEY@kuazot.ru


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