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Description, standards, basic specifications Packing Application

Permanganate number: min. 10000
Permanganate index: 4
Volatiles content: max. 0.4 mmol/kg
Crystallization temperature: min. 68.8oC
Optical density of 50% solution: max. 0.04

Flaked caprolactam: 25 kg PE bags on pallets  stuffed in containers
Liquid caprolactam: Railway tank cars 

For production of polyamide fibers and resins.
Ammonium Sulphate, Crystal 

Nitrogen,  by weight: min. 21 %
Sulphur, by weight: min 24%

Bulk material:
In special railway cars.
50 kg PP bags
880 kg big bags   

As a fertilizer, in cattle breeding, for water treatment, in leather industry 

Ammonium Sulphate, granular

Nitrogen,  by weight: min. 21 %
Sulphur, by weight: min 24%

Bulk In mineral wagons, 900 kg big bags    As a fertilizer 

Nitrogen content, by weight: min. 46%
Biuret content, by weignt: max. 1.4%
Water content by Fischer, by weight: max. 0.5%
1-4 mm - min. 94% by weight
2-4 mm - min. 70% by weight
less than 1 mm - max. 3%

800 kg big bags
50 kg PP bags
and in special  railway cars.

Аs a fertilizer in agriculture; in cattle breeding.
For production of plastics, glues, resins; 

Anhydrous Ammonia, technical

Ammonia content, by weight: min. 99.9%
Mass concentration of oil: max. 0.2 mg/dm3
Mass concentration of Fe: max. 0.1 mg/dm3
Rail tank cars (28 t, 43 t);
cylinders (40 l);
pickup by customers in special tank-trucks 
Feedstock for nitric acid, urea, ammonium nitrate, complex fertilizers
In refrigerating appliances 
Ammonium Nitrate

Total nitrogen content: min. 34%
Water content, by weight: max. 0.3%
1-3 mm - min. 93% by weight (A type) 1-4 mm - min. 95% by weight (B type) less than 1 mm - max. 4%

50 kg PP bags; 850 kg, 1,200 kg, 1,250 kg  big bags
Bulk material: in special railway cars. 

In industry;
as a fertilizer in agriculture. 

UAN solution

Nitrogen content, by weight: 28%, 30%, 32%
Crystallization temperature: max. -17oC, -10oC, -2oC, respectively
 Rail tank cars (60 t)  Fertilizer
Cyclohexanone, technical

Cyclohexanone content, by weight: min. 99,8%
Impurities content, by weight: max. 0,1%
Water content, by weight: max. 0,1%
Rail tank cars (50 t;)
pickup by customers (boiler trucks)
In organic synthesis
Cyclohexane, technical

Impurities content, by weight: max. 0.1%
Rail tank cars (50 t;)
pickup by customers (boiler trucks)
In production of isomers for chemical fibers

Sodium carbonate

Bulk and big-bags. Pickup by buyer, rail road delivery in open wagons.

Sodium Carbonate may be applied as raw material in different manufacturing sectors:
К grade is used in metal industry and construction materials production.

Caprolone (Polyamide 6 blocks)
Technical Specifications 6-05-988-87
Сustom-made blocks and rods. Pickup by customers Engineering material for machinery parts
Polyamide 6 chips

Relative viscosity 2,7 and 3,4
Polymer big bag containers 625, 1000, 1250 kg net weight (a PP outer bag with a PE or A1-PE welded liner). 25 kg bags:
-3-ply paper bags with an aluminium laminated liner thermovacuum
-Polyethylene/aluminium, thermovacuum
Feedstock for technical plastics, food grade films, textile and industrial fibres, cord fabric yarns
PA6 secondary grade
Relative viscosity, range
Moister content by weight, max.3%
Extractables content, max.3%

625 kg, 825 kg  big bags
Road trucks, containers

It is used at production of engineering and moulded parts for non_crucial purpose.
High-tenacity industrial yarn
1440, 1870 dtex                           

Packages: 7.8±0.3 kg on pallets;
Road trucks, containers

For production of tyre cord fabric and general mechanical rubber goods, fishing nets, cables and ropes.
Tire Cord fabric 
22/222, 30/302 KNTS grade
Rolls (Fabric length 900 m Diameter of Roll 750 mm) As a reinforcing material in the tyre industry
Argon, liquid

Argon content, by volume: min. 99,99%
Oxygen content, by volume: max. 0,007%

Road tank trucks, railway tank cars;  
Cylinders (40 l)

In welding, cutting and melting of metals; for metal refining in metallurgy

Aqueous Ammonia, technical

Ammonia content, by weight: min. 25%
Mass concentration of non-volatile residue: max. 0,07 g/dm3

Railway tank cars,  road tank trucks. As a nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture. In manufacture of dyes, soda ash, in electric manufacture of manganese, ferroalloys, medical industry, household.
“POD” Oil, refined  

Density: 0,98-1,02 g/cm3
Volatiles content, by weight: max. 70%
Tank cars (56-60 t);
pickup in customers packing
Raw material for coatings industry,  alkyd resins, corrosion inhibitors etc.
Alkaline Waste of caprolactam process  

Sodium organic acid salts content, on sodium adipinate basis, by weight: 18-30%
Dry substance content, by weight: 25-45%
Railway tank cars, road tank trucks. 

As a component in concrete mixtures, expanded clay, gypsum;
for treating coal, ore, sand against freezing and dusting.  

Solvent "Alcohol Fraction of Caprolactam Production" 

Cyclohexanone content, by weight: min. 20% 
Rail tank cars (60 t) Component in concrete mixtures, expanded clay, gypsum.
For treating coal, ore, sand against freezing and dusting.
Oxygen, technical liquid and gaseous 

Cylinders, cryogenic tanks. Feedstock for corrosion inhibitor, solvents, etc.
Nitrogen, liquid and gaseous

Nitrogen content, by volume: min. 99.999%
Liquid nitrogen: pick-up by customers
Gaseous nitrogen: cylinders (6.2 m3)
To create inert atmosphere in production, storage and transportation of easily oxidable products
In high temperature metal treatment
Cooling agent



Kirill E. Korotin
Head of Sales Department
Polyamide 6 chips, High-tenacity industrial yarn, Tire Cord fabric, PA6 secondary grade

Kirill E. Korotin
Head of Sales Department

Ammonium Nitrate, Urea, Ammonium Sulphate

Sergey A. Egunov
Deputy Head of Sales Department 

Ammonium Sulphate
Svetlana N. Markelova
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Ammonium Nitrate
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Oxygen, Argon liquid, Nitrogen, Anhydrous Ammonia, Cyclohexanone, Cyclohexane, Caprolone, Solvent "Alcohol Fraction of Caprolactam Production", “POD” Oil
Nina R. Otrubennikova
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