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Technological production


— PA-6 chips     
— industrial yarns
— tire cord fabrics

— urea
— ammonium nitrate

— caprolactam
— cyclohexane
— cyclohexanone
— hydroxylamine sulphate
— ammonium sulphate

— argon
— nitrogen
— oxygen
— hydrogen

— ammonia liquid
— ammonia aqueous

     In 2016, “KuibyshevAzot JSC Development Priorities 2016–2020”, approved by the Company’s Board of Directors, were implemented.The reporting year became a period of intense work on putting new production sites into operation and continuing implementation of major projects.
Record high output of nitric acid and ammonium nitrate, caprolactam, cyclohexanone, ammonium sulphate and polyamide was achieved.

Production of the main products was as follows:
- ammonia – 652,400 tons, or 101.9%, compared with 2015;
- ammonium nitrate – 612,300 tons (104.7%);
- urea – 339,900 tons (97.2%);
- ammonium sulphate – 502,500 tons (113.4%);
- caprolactam – 197,000 tons (111.7%);
- polyamide-6 – 143,300 tons (105.9%);
- industrial and cord yarns – 12,600 tons (93.1%);
- cord fabric – 3,200 tons (68.9%);
- dipped tyre cord fabric – 10.9 million running meters (108.4%)

   A 7.6% increase in physical production volumes made it possible to keep sales revenue at practically the same level as the previous year, while prices for the company’s products on the world markets significantly decreased. Sales revenue amounted to 37.9 billion rubles. A simultaneous increase in the cost of electricity and heat, the main raw materials, and the repair of equipment resulted in a 19% drop in net profit to
4.1 billion rubles.
   In 2016, a large volume of work was carried out to construct new and retrofit existing production plants.
The energy-efficient production of cyclohexanone has been put into operation, after its full implementation modern technologies will allow reducing consumption rates for the caprolactam production with an increase in output. A joint production of air separation products with the American corporation Praxair has been launched.
The construction and equipment installation have been completed and commissioning has been started at the nitric acid line and at the joint production of ammonia with the German company Linde.
   The construction of the 5th polyamide plant is continuing, 88% of equipment, 87% of pipelines, 92% of inter-shop utility lines are installed.
   At the ammonium sulphate compacting plant in the form of a joint venture with Trammo (USA), metal structures and columns erection works are completed by 44% and 30% respectively.
Zero cycle construction works at the production of ammonium sulphate-nitrate, are underway: 90% of pile foundations and 75% of grillages for the frames are installed; installation of grillages for the equipment was completed by 85%.
   The company is studying new projects: urea production, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, sulphuric acid and oleum.
   The actual gas consumption factor for ammonia at the ammonia production have been reduced by 1.4%.
As part of the project to increase the capacity of the hydroxylamine sulfate stage at the caprolactam production, a water cycle has been put into operation, and the construction of a compressor station is underway.
   A site for the installation of nine Ratti twisting machines at the production of a technical yarn in the city of Shchekino is under preparation.
   The construction of a sewage treatment plant for the production of urea has been started, which will allow to increase production efficiency and direct at least 200 thousand m3 per year of treated effluents as a feed to the water cycle. In order to reduce emissions into the atmosphere, a project on the installation of vapor condensation after scrubbers-neutralizers at the production of ammonium nitrate is under implementation. The construction of sewage treatment plants of industrial and storm sewage of the Northern Industrial Complex and the Central District of the city of Togliatti continues.
   In line with a strategic program on import substitution and increase in caprolactam and polyamide processing within Russia, subsidiaries producing industrial and textile yarns and tyre cord fabric in Kursk, and textile fabrics in Balashov, are renovated. New capacities are utilized at the engineering plastic factory in China. These projects make it possible to ensure stable capacity utilization at the main production facilities of the parent company in Togliatti under increased competition conditions on the foreign markets. Internal processing including Russian and foreign subsidiaries amounted to 73% of caprolactam and 35% of polyamide.
   In total, the company has spent 8.1 billion rubles for the construction and technical re-equipment in 2016, overhauling of factory facilities has amounted to 2 billion rubles. Thus, 10.1 billion rubles have been allocated for the development of the enterprise.

Auxiliary and service departaments

Mechanical-repair shops

Civil construction and repair

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The specialists of auxiliary and service departaments are in charge of maintenance and repair of different machines and installations, utilities units, instruments and buildings.

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